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24 Hour Fitness Ad for CCU



This was a digital advertisement designed for CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies. It was a four-part ad that would run in a sequence on the television screens in a local 24 Hour Fitness gym. The goal of this ad was to have prospective leads visit CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies website.


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Going Beyond Ordinary

I came up with the idea for this digital ad sequence during the team meeting when this project was first assigned. Once I heard about the project, I immediately knew it would be important to focus on fitness for the outdoors since this 24 Hour Fitness location would be in Denver, Colorado.

I asked myself, what would be bold enough to catch my attention while I was focused during a workout? For me, it would be images of people doing epic outdoor activities that I would want to do. That’s how I came up with the idea of pushing limits and overcoming challenges. These themes worked well with the College of Adult and Graduate Studies’ theme of “Going Beyond.”

Although my supervisor wasn’t sure about the idea when I first explained it to her, she agreed to let me work with the team’s graphic designer to create a first proof of the ads using the idea. After writing the copy I worked with the graphic designer to find images that would be inspiring to people who value staying fit.

My suggestion for the copy was to only have the slogans and then the website URL. The client wanted the logo, the URL, and the statement “online classes” on the ad. I found that to be a bit too cluttered in the final ad, but the client was very pleased with how the ads turned out.

About CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies

The College of Adult and Graduate Studies at Colorado Christian University offers over 50 undergraduate, graduate, licensure and certificate programs. All courses incorporate a Christ-centered worldview and are designed specifically for adult learners. Over 6,000 adult students are currently enrolled in online classes or attend on-site classes at one of six Adult and Graduate Studies locations in Colorado.




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