Customer Coupon/Card

Archery Thank you Card

This card functions as a 10-visit Archery Range Pass and was given to customers at JAX who spent $400 or more in the Archery department.

View the Thank You Card

New Archery Thank You Card

The updated thank you card copy was written to give it a slightly more higher-end feel because this was to be used as a gift for customers who made a significant purchase in the Archery department. This version has a less flashy and more business card-like design because the department requested to save on production costs.

Original Archery Thank You Card

The original thank you card looked more like a coupon and the copy didn’t make the offer seem high-end.

About JAX Inc.

JAX is a legacy business with a heart for conservation. Family-owned and operated since 1955, the retailer is a local destination for outdoor gear, clothing, footwear, farm and ranch supplies, home essentials, gifts, hardware, and military surplus items.

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