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Mile High Wine Tours & The Systems Method


“As a wine aficionado, Felipe quickly became known as the ‘go-to guy’ for finding the best wineries in the Mile High City.”


While helping Spencer McMurtry (founder of The Systems Method) update his website, he shared that wanted a way to provide more social proof on his website about his services. I suggested taking the top four clients that he has worked with and creating case studies that share the story behind his successful work with his clients.



Read the Mile High Wine Tours Case Study


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Case Studies as Social Proof for Websites

After Spencer identified his top four clients, I asked him to provide me with statistics that show how much he was able to help his clients, some basic information about each company, and the main goal he wanted for each person who read these case studies. Spencer was able to share this basic information with me and from there I did a little more research on each company. I watched interviews with owners, reviewed their websites, and even had him reach out to a couple of them with questions. This is one case study that I wrote for Spencer about his work with Mile High Wine Tours.

*Note: I wrote the case study content but did not write the button text on this web page.

About The Systems Method

The Systems Method is a boutique consulting agency that helps business owners streamline and automate their business processes. Spencer McMurtry founded The Systems Method after automating and selling three of his own companies. He has coached over 500 entrepreneurs through the Secret Society Mastermind and currently works with high-level consulting clients.




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