Pop-up Show Postcard

Sphero + Deadmau5

Tap colors. Drop beat5.”

Sphero was one of the sponsors of a Deadmau5 pop-up show in Denver. They had worked with the artist to create a special edition Deadmau5 mix pack that would be featured along with their Specdrums product at the show.

I wrote the copy for a handout that was given to show attendees to advertise Specdrums. The special edition pack was not mentioned in the handout because it was supposed to be announced separately. Below is a mock-up of the handout with the copy (but not the final design).

View the Show Handout

PDF not loading? View the handout here.

About Sphero

Sphero makes undeniably cool programmable robots and educational tools that transform the way kids learn and create through coding, science, music, and the arts. The Sphero ecosystem of tools and content gives kids, teachers, and parents of all learning and coding abilities a blank canvas to solve challenges at home, in school and beyond.

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