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FAQs for Renting to Refugees

“Refugees are individuals or families who have been forced to leave their
homeland in order to escape war, political, religious, or ethnic persecution, or natural disaster.”

I created this document when I was a Housing Specialist at Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. My role included helping to find housing for many different populations, including newly arrived refugees.

When I would meet with property managers who had not worked with a refugee resettlement program before, I noticed that they were all asking the same questions and would sometimes forget information about the program. I created this as a handout that I could provide to a prospective property manager so that they could review it after meeting with me and before deciding whether or not to work with the program.

Not only did this handout help answer most of the questions the property managers would ask, I also noticed it provided a bit more legitimacy to the program in their eyes.

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About Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis

The mission of Catholic Charities is to serve those most in need and to advocate for justice in the community. Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis serves those most in need. They are a leader at solving poverty, creating opportunity, and advocating for justice in the community. Their programs for children, families and adults annually help nearly 20,000 people, regardless of faith, background or circumstance.

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