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“Take classes in your pajamas and graduate in your robe.”

The College of Adult and Graduate Studies’ marketing department at Colorado Christian University wanted to create an advertisement for their online programs. This ad was intended to be used in print mediums (business journals, newspapers, magazines, etc.). I was given the direction that they wanted to include the phrase: Take classes in your pajamas and graduate in your robe.

My goal was to craft copy that would immediately catch someone’s attention if they were flipping through a business journal or magazine. I also wanted to make sure I focused on the benefits of online education instead of only stating that CCU has classes that are offered online. The goal to be creative but intriguing so that people who saw the ad, and were in our target audience, would want to learn more about CCU’s online classes.



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Why bunny slippers?

I started by considering unique benefits to taking classes wherever you want, instead of a classroom. I focused on pushing past the most common benefits that include studying wherever and whenever you want. Some of the ideas I considered were that you would never be late for class, you can eat as noisily as you want, and — the golden nugget — you get to wear whatever you want.

I then considered our audience demographic which tends to be mostly women ages 25-35. I asked people in that target demographic what they would look forward to wearing that they wouldn’t normally wear in class. One theme that came up repeatedly was footwear. People said they wanted to wear only comfy socks, no shoes, or fun slippers.

The slippers idea caught my attention, and that’s how I came up with the idea of someone “rocking their bunny slippers” while completing their degree. I then worked with the team’s graphic designer to find a picture of someone wearing cute slippers while they were working on a laptop.

About CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies

The College of Adult and Graduate Studies at Colorado Christian University offers over 50 undergraduate, graduate, licensure and certificate programs. All courses incorporate a Christ-centered worldview and are designed specifically for adult learners. Over 6,000 adult students are currently enrolled in online classes or attend on-site classes at one of six Adult and Graduate Studies locations in Colorado.




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