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JAX Field Guide Blog Redesign

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One of the strategic elements that I wanted to help JAX implement was to create a resource center on the website that would serve as more than just a blog. This would be a hub where people could go to to get their questions answered about anything from how to pack for a family camping trip to what to expect during the first 24 hours after a foal is born.

Driving Web Traffic and Building an Expert Reputation

This resource center page was going to be a central place for all kinds of content and media to be stored. It was going to help us drive more traffic to the website because the resources on the page were going to be advertised on social media, with community partners and blogs, and in the company’s email newsletter. It was also intended to help build the company’s image and reputation for hiring local experts.

I was the project management lead on redesigning this landing page. I researched what other competitors showed on their blogs and worked to create something that would set JAX’s blog apart. I determined the article categories, worked with the team’s graphic designers to create a landing page wireframe, found the images, wrote all of the featured articles, and crafted the copy for this landing page.

View the Blog Landing Pages

New JAX Blog Landing Page Design and Copy

This is the redesigned blog landing page that I proposed for JAX’s website. The below PDF is a wireframe that I created to share the idea with the leadership team.

PDF not loading? View the new blog landing page here.

Old JAX Blog Landing Page Design and Copy

This is the original JAX blog landing page before I envisioned and proposed the blog redesign.

PDF not loading? View the old blog landing page here.

More than a List of Articles

I suggested redesigning the blog’s landing page because the old page was simply a long list of articles. It was difficult to navigate and browse because there was little organization, and the tags on the left sidebar had been a long random list of topics with no structure. The version of the old blog (pictured above) was after I had started to clean up the sidebar.

The new blog design layout shows article categories and topics that touch every category of product sold in the JAX Outdoor Gear and Farm & Ranch stores. Each category has an image, a short description, and a longer description so that readers immediately know where to find topics they were interested in learning about.

About JAX Inc.

JAX is a legacy business with a heart for conservation. Family-owned and operated since 1955, the retailer is a local destination for outdoor gear, clothing, footwear, farm and ranch supplies, home essentials, gifts, hardware, and military surplus items.

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