Annual Impact Report

JAX’s Conservation Efforts in 2018

Since 2008, JAX’s commitment to recycling has saved an estimated 3.3 million pounds—that’s 60 times the weight of the Statue of Liberty!”

Companywide, JAX seeks ways to make positive contributions toward resource conservation and environmental protection.

In addition to carrying brands who value conservation and supporting a variety of local efforts, JAX has made steps toward reducing significant amounts of the company’s fossil-fuel energy use, reducing the CO2 footprint of employee commuting, and recycling millions of pounds of material.

Since this is something that JAX emphasizes as part of its identity and company culture, I suggested creating an easy-to-read infographic that not only shares actual stats and numbers but also provides comparisons that can put the numbers into easier to understand concepts. For example, 3.3 million pounds of material recycled became 60 times the weight of the Statue of Liberty.

I proposed creating the Annual Impact Report and then publishing it on Earth Day. I worked with JAX’s conservation manager to gather all of the stats, wrote the copy and the numerical comparisons, and the design team created the infographic.

Read the Annual Impact Report

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Distributing the Annual Impact Report

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Repurposed as an Instagram Story

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About JAX Inc.

JAX is a legacy business with a heart for conservation. Family-owned and operated since 1955, the retailer is a local destination for outdoor gear, clothing, footwear, farm and ranch supplies, home essentials, gifts, hardware, and military surplus items.

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