Journey to Joy Counseling PLLC

“Practical psychology and mindfulness therapy guiding adults and couples on their path to finding hope, healing, and growth.

I was approached by a professional therapist who wanted to start her own private practice. She wanted a website that would advertise her services and also share what makes her methods and inspiration unique.

I suggested creating a single-page scrolling website because then she could get the site up and running quickly, while still having the ability to expand the website and add pages or a blog as needed. This site was created using Dream Theme in WordPress.

While the client provided the copy she wanted on the site, I asked questions and provided approximate word and character counts to create the structure for the copy on the website.

The client requested some specific functions so the site was created with these in mind:

  • Mobile-friendly, mobile-first design
  • Site visitors must be able to schedule a session online through Journey to Joy’s SimplePractice link
  • Scheduling must be easy to do on a mobile device
  • Site visitors have the option to schedule a FREE consultation or schedule a 50-minute session
  • Links to Psychology Today and other professional memberships or verifications
  • Map to the physical address of the client’s office
  • Contact form for basic questions

View the Website

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About Journey to Joy Counseling

Journey to Joy Counseling supports the needs of both adults 18+ and couples who are interested in personal growth, healing, discovery, and resolution. They use both practical psychology and mindfulness therapy to help clients accomplish their goals. Journey to Joy Counseling believes anyone can find the hope, healing, and growth they are looking for.

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