Growing a Community of Makers and Educators

Sphero’s Community Forum and Lead Educators Program

Go #BEYONDCODE with Sphero Edu.”

The Sphero Edu program is far more than just educational robots, it’s a thriving community of over 3 million coders, makers, and learners who create and share inspiring content every day. Sphero created multiple programs to allow educators and makers to have community spaces where they could connect with one another.

Below are samples of the copy I created to support their newly launched Community Forum and Lead Educators program.

Sphero’s Community Forum

The Community Forum is a place where Sphero educators, fans, and makers can share, ask questions, inspire, and be inspired about everything Sphero.

Growing a Community

Here’s an inside glimpse of the home page inside the Community Forum.

PDF not loading? View the Community Forum here.

On Sphero’s Website

Advertising on Social Media

Emailing Sphero Customers

PDF not loading? View the Email here.

Sphero Lead Educators

Sphero was launching the new Lead Educators program as a way to connect with and recognize teachers who use robots to inspire students.

Within the 24 hours of opening up the application for the program, they had over 50 people apply to be Lead Educators. This was more than double the number of applications they had received when they previously launched the Sphero Heros educator program.

Program Application Page

I wrote the copy for the Lead Educators application page and also suggested that instead of linking to an external application, they use iframe code to embed the application directly on the page.

PDF not loading? View the website page here.

One of the reasons I think why this program launch was so successful overnight was because the program was advertised on multiple platforms including on the website home page, on social media, and sent to customers and other educators by email. Below are several samples of what was sent.

On Sphero’s Website

Tile on Sphero’s website home page that advertised the Sphero Lead Educator program.

Advertising on Social Media

One of the social media posts used to advertise the new program.

Emailing the Educator List

Multiple emails were sent out to advertise the program. Below was an email that applicants received once they were accepted into the program.

PDF not loading? View the email here.

About Sphero

Sphero makes undeniably cool programmable robots and educational tools that transform the way kids learn and create through coding, science, music, and the arts. The Sphero ecosystem of tools and content gives kids, teachers, and parents of all learning and coding abilities a blank canvas to solve challenges at home, in school and beyond.

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