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JAX Inc.



When I first joined the marketing team at JAX, they were in the process of a complete website redesign. This included overhauling a significant majority of the web pages since they were integrating the website with their Point of Sale (POS) system. When we decided to go live with the website, I suggested that we provide a banner to let customers know that the website is new and that we were still in the process of troubleshooting the website’s functionality.



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What’s more disarming than an adorable puppy?

It’s frustrating when you’re browsing a site and either a page doesn’t load or you can’t find the item you were looking for. The goal of the website banner was to give the customer a “heads up” that some pages of the website might experience some functionality issues. We wanted to do this in a succinct, eye-catching way that fit with JAX as a brand. The mascot for JAX is a golden retriever, so I thought, why not use a photo of a puppy? It’s cute, uses a bit of a play on words, and uses that “puppy eyes” look to hopefully calm any otherwise frustrated online shoppers.

About JAX Inc.

JAX is a legacy business with a heart for conservation. Family-owned and operated since 1955, the retailer is a local destination for outdoor gear, clothing, footwear, farm and ranch supplies, home essentials, gifts, hardware, and military surplus items.




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