Cold Introduction Email for Generating Leads

We come in peace, with a fun surprise for you!”

This was part of a project I worked on with Printeresting, a commercial and boutique design studio and print shop located in Dubai. They requested a cold introduction email that they could send to other businesses and creatives to invite them to work with and visit Printeresting’s studio.

I was provided with a branding document and creative brief for the project. Their immediate goal was to stand out from their nearest competitor by being the fun and approachable niche print studio. In their branding document they stated that if they were to describe their studio in 5 words, they would say they are creative, innovative, fun, artistic, and niche.

Other deliverables for this project included a new subscriber welcome email and a lead-generating sales email.

Read the Cold Introduction Email Here

PDF not loading? View the cold introduction email here.

About Printeresting Studio

Printeresting is an innovative, state-of-the-art print shop, offering one-stop-solution for all your printing needs. They combine a creative spirit with state-of-the-art technology to produce stunning, tangible results you can touch and feel. From personal art projects to large-scale marketing material, they can make any printed material come alive.

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