Weekly Email for the Copywriter Club

“When clients tell you what they want… what they REALLY REALLY want.”

The Copywriter Club is a massively growing community and resource hub for copywriters. Rob Marsh and Kira Hug, the business owners and partners in crime, wanted to start a weekly email newsletter for people who subscribe to the club.

The newsletter would provide a recap of any unique discussions that occurred in the club’s Facebook group, a few extra tips, then also provide a sneak peek or recap of a recent podcast episode. This is one of the emails I wrote for their weekly email newsletter.

Read the Weekly Email

PDF not loading? View the weekly email here.

About The Copywriter Club

The Copywriter Club is the place where copywriters go to get better by having candid conversations about the good, bad, and dark side of copywriting. Joining their online community means hanging out with seriously talented copywriters and other experts. Ask questions about their successes and failures, their work processes and habits, then steal an idea or two to inspire your own work.

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